Welcome to TRT!

What does TRT stand for? The Rebellious Tyrants, in which it means a quote from Ben Franklin," Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.".  But that is not who we are.  We are a gaming clan that enjoys hopping on a game that is legacy or top of the line and make friends.  We meet on the weekends or whenever we have free time and play the crap out of a game.

Yes, we are on social media but only just Facebook for the moment.  If you would like to see the page, Click Here or search TRT, or The Rebellious Tyrants.  We do create posts from time to time, If you would like to follow click the like button.

As for right now we play on Xbox and PC.  PC is our main console that we stick to, because we mainly play on Steam, EA, Ubisoft, and other free games that also come about.

If you would like to know us more, you can hop on discord and talk to us.  Click below to get on TRT Discord Voip Server.


Destiny 2

Bungie has come out with Forsaken today ( 09/04/2018 ) and wow, pretty cool so far.  If you happen to be looking for help or looking to join a clan please don't hesitate to ask here.  I am usually on destiny for quite awhile but there are things like work that happen in real life that have to be taken care of.  But I will try my best to be there for our CLAN MATES!

TRT Discord

TRT History

TRT started about 2007 just a couple of people.  We kept to a Voip of Ventrilo and then to TeamSpeak but felgore found a couple of other voip programs and we decided to go with Discord, in which you can create your very own server, to which we went with that.  And so we now have a discord server.  We did venture to other voip programs that other people had but we liked being on ours and just enjoying the chaos that ensues :D.  Most of our crew came from another clan that was fun but we had our differences and went our own way.

New Games

Here is a game called Mist Survival

More Games

Looks like there is more fun here.


Host Havoc